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      Feb 14, 2017
      Andrew Alley @ Andrew Alley: Happy Valentine's Day! :)
      Feb 18, 2017
      Tina L @ Tina L: Just curious if a divisional regional A guard could be promoted to a higher class this season or if they would have to wait until next year. We were told that we aren't allowed to and I was wondering the reasoning for not being able to. Why is it not possible when our scores have been consistently above the class above ours.
      Feb 19, 2017
      Matt Bonfield @ Matt Bonfield: Scores are not the same in different classes. Different criteria, different sheets, etc.
      Feb 19, 2017
      Matt Bonfield @ Matt Bonfield: There are A groups that consistently score higher than World groups, but you're comparing Apples to Rocks, they are not even close to the same
      Feb 20, 2017
      Yankees85 @ Yankees85: Divisional Regional A is ineligible for promotions. Directors are made awareness of this rule at the start of the season as it is a Training and Development classification.

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