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    Hamilton Southeastern HS / '15 ISSMA Class A  |  Mid-States 
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    2014: "What Lies Within"

    2015 Participating Event List
    General Band Information
    Band Name:
    Royal Command and Guard
    City:Fishers, IN
    Directors:John C. Cook
    Michael Niemiec
    Drum Majors:N/A
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    Staff and Other Personnel
    Special Staff:Alan Frye, Kenny Whitlock, Lora Prange, Karen Cole
    Achievements and Accolades
    Championships:MSBA Class AA Champions: 2007
    State Finals
    Other Notable
    MSBA Open Class: 2009 - 3rd place
    MSBA Open Class: 2010 - 3rd place
    MSBA Open Class: 2011 - 2nd place
    MSBA Open Class: 2012 - 3rd place
    MSBA Open Class: 2013 - 3rd place

    MSBA Class AAAA: 2008 - 2nd place

    MSBA Class AA: 2006 - 7th place
    MSBA Class AA: 2007 - 1st place

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